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- MegaMan Project - is a project on LEGO CUUSOO created by Alatariel on May 7th, 2012.  It is based on the MegaMan video game series produced by Capcom. The project recently had a support boost which is thought to have come from Twitter. 

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Help Spread the Word to make Lego MegaMan happen!

The faster a project reaches 10k supporters, the more seriously it is taken by the community.

How can I help? - Tell every MegaMan fan you know - Post in relevant forums - Send "Tip" emails to relevant gaming sites, such as: Joystiq and Kotaku - Tweet your followers and send direct tweets to gaming personalities - Use Reddit as intended and responsibly

This project is based on the classic old school Nintendo® NES game MegaMan (RockMan in Japan). This game, made by Capcom, has great nostalgic value and deserves a tribute in LEGO®! The designs are based on my favorite of the series: MegaMan 2.

Story: Evil Dr. Wily builds a fortress and army of robotic henchmen, led by eight Robot Masters of his design. Mega Man is sent by his creator, Dr. Light, to defeat Dr. Wily and his Robot Masters.

More Lego MegaMan art and higher quality images can be found on my flickr page. Other designs include the Wily Castle and the Wily Teleport Room.


The MetalMan stage. MegaMan has to dodge falling spike blocks and get past the enemies to reach the MetalMan end boss. The MegaMan minifigure has the standard blue outfit and weapon. The set includes MetalMan and a set of power-ups!


The BubbleMan stage with the enemies MegaMan encounters in this stage including the big antler fish, metroid, and frog robots. MegaMan comes in Metal-blade outfit with associated weapon. The set includes the BubbleMan Robot Master and a set of extras including small fish, frogs and metal blades.


The WoodMan stage with all enemies MegaMan encounters in this stage including the big cat, rabbit, chicken and monkey robots. The set includes the WoodMan Robot Master and a set of weapons including the big cat's fire balls. (Yes, WoodMan throws leaves and the rabbit shoots carrots.... :)


The Dr Wily end bosses: the dragon, Dr Wily's battle spaceship and the final Dr. Wily alien hologram. The remaining robot masters with their weapons: FlashMan with Time Stopper and Blaster, QuickMan with Quick Boomerang, HeatMan with Atomic Fire, CrashMan with Crash Bomber and AirMan with Air Shooter!

Thank you for visiting my project. Comments are much appreciated!

Project history: 1000 supporters - Feb 6, 2013 500 supporters - Jan 11, 2013 250 supporters - Oct 22, 2012 200 supporters - Sep 26, 2012 150 supporters - Aug 16, 2012 100 supporters - Jul 15, 2012 50 supporters - Jun 20, 2012

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Congratulations on 1,000+ Supporters!


Even those of us unfortunate enough to not have played MegaMan (*cough cough*) can still appreciate the time and skill that went into building each of these models for this project. Keep in mind that since this is an IP, any licensing conflicts will only be reviewed once this project reaches 10,000 supporters. Also remember that if/when that happens, we'd have to settle on just one of the levels featured here to produce. Best of luck to you on your journey to 10,000 supporters!